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When will the owls cease to be Watchers?


Owls have been known to perch among the branches—and have been accused of watching the world go by. While Truth has it that owls have been long sought out as birds of wisdom, so too does it tell that owls are tremendous observers.

And that the watchers of society need to heed the wisdom inherent in owls. For, although it is granted that owls do indeed see everything, they tend to be pictured as aloof—above the fray. And yet, in a turmoil-boiled world, comfort can be derived from the fact that owls are designated to observe, comment, and inspire.

Maybe, it’s not the owls’ aloofness that bothers watchers. But rather the owls’ ability to transform a moment of silence to a flutter of activity within a once tranquil sea of conformity.

Or maybe, it is the unknown quality behind those pictures of owls that seem to frighten people.

There seems to be a power gathering beneath the owls’ surface which will eventually be released—when the owls cease to be Watchers.

We are all Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a business executive, we are all running a small business, which is called our life.

God Will Lead You Home

The $5.00 Airline Ticket

There is no more important principle to learn as an entrepreneur than that God will lead you. In all my years of traveling and pursuing my dreams, that is the only constant I can communicate to you.

It is really not an overwhelming principle, but one learned by taking small steps, seemingly insignificant steps when you feel you should. We have all heard about that wee little voice in our head which seems to nudge us at the right time to make the right decision. Who knows how it all works. But work it does if you let it. 

I relay this story to you not so much so I can brag how wonderful I am. How faithful I am. Because I am not. I am just like everyone else who constantly seems to fall short of what we know we are capable of. And yet, I have found hope in those small accomplishments when I have listened to the small prompting which tells me that I need to act. Yes, act.

While God’s world is about listening, it is really more importantly about acting. Taking action. When we act on our nudges, we endorse the presence of God within us. We acknowledge that those promptings have a significance to our lives.

Once again, I relate this story so you might see some similarities within your life. That you might re-evaluate the promptings you have had in the past . . . and failed to act on. That you in the future might, just might, give them a chance by acting on them.

And here is the key: this is a process. There is no magic formula to learning to listen, to discern. Rather it is a process where you act on certain impulses and observe their outcomes. The more you are willing to act on the small nudges, the greater God will communicate the bigger ones to you. So simple, yet so complex.

For you see, life is there for the asking. God is there to help you. But He cannot do it alone. He needs you to be His accomplice. So, He can lead you to the life that He wants you to lead. The life that deep down within yourself you know you want. That is the nature of God.

So, as I try to relate this story to you, I will try to acknowledge my shortcomings, but if it sounds so wonderful to you, don’t forget it all started with a $5.00 airline trip.


Every year there was a BookExpo which was the largest booksellers’ event in North America. I had been attending the convention since 1999 when I began to think about expanding into book publishing after thirteen years of publishing my Owl Media Guide’s Nevada Media Directory reference book. That year BookExpo was in Los Angeles, and I attended. In 2004, it was to be held in Chicago. At the time, I lived in Las Vegas. I knew I needed to attend, but the previous month had not been financially rewarding. I kept wondering when I would be able to have enough money to make a reservation . . . and to go. Three weeks before the event I still had not made a reservation.

During this time, I had been monitoring a megachurch’s website in the Chicago area called Willow Creek to see if and when my former Senior Pastor was going to be teaching. He had left our Las Vegas church nearly a year before. He had been a strong influence on bringing me back to church and inspired me to becoming a better person by being an authentic person himself. I checked daily for weeks . . . imagining what it would be like to fit in church and the BookExpo. More on that later.

Well, the BookExpo ran from Wednesday night through Sunday the week right after Memorial Day. I was coming closer to losing the best chance at an airfare. I constantly played out scenarios in my mind about how to get there and the cheapest possible way to spend time there.

On a Friday night about two weeks before the show, I was sitting in my living room in Las Vegas. I still had no money. I kept thinking that I was not going to be able to go. And then it hit me . . . rather it nudged me.

Go check out reward travel . . . tonight.

Well, I did not have enough reward miles to get a ticket . . . I was 150 miles short for an AmericaWest airline ticket. I wasn’t even close for a United ticket . . . 8,000 miles short. I knew I could buy miles to make it over the edge, but even that would cost me $50.00 for the reward ticket.

“God if I only had $150.00, I could buy a ticket and save my miles. Yeah right, I am going to get a ticket. What kind of ticket could I get for the $7.00 I have in my bank account,” I said.

Nudge. Go online and look.

So, after procrastinating for awhile, I went to my computer and went to the AmericaWest site. I punched in my reward number and selected flights. I got to the point I selected some tickets which would at least get me to Chicago and a shot at seeing my pastor on Wednesday night before the Book Expo started. 

Hmmm, maybe this was going to work.

I went all the way to checkout. I thought I outconned the system. I was going to get my ticket to Chicago.

Then the dreaded screen came up.



I no longer was king. My lack of miles had been discovered. They had tantalized me to the point I thought I was going to get away with it. And then the door shut in my face.

“But I don’t have $50.00. Make an exception. I am so close. I won’t tell anyone.”

The screen did not magically change and grant my wish. Maybe, God had forgot to tell them it was OK to give me the ticket.

I closed out the browser and started over again. Afterall, AmericaWest should have another chance at giving me the ticket. A fresh chance.

So yes, I started all over again. That’s right. I logged back into the site, punched in the dates and city, selected the flights, and pushed Order Tickets. I knew God had enough time to communicate with them. He is omnipotent. Click.

I was horrified by what I saw on the screen next.



“Huh. Didn’t you get the memo from God? He sent me one while I was on the couch to get my tickets.”

The screen did not flicker. The infamous blue screen from Microsoft did not overcome my computer.

I did what any sane person who do. I haughtily got up from my chair, walked over to the couch, sat down, and turned on the television. But my mind kept saying:

“God, what’s the deal? Are you testing me? Well, I passed. I went over to the computer and tried. But God you didn’t do so hot. I got no tickets. Omniscience. I thought you knew the mileage requirements for a reward ticket. At least now you do. Thanks a lot.”

“Or is the Devil teasing me?”

Who cares? Let’s get back to watching the boob tube. Enough of this nonsense. And that is where I left it for the next hour.

“Go get your ticket.”

Yeah, right. I continued watching TV. I would tell you what I was watching, but I don’t remember. Time marched on.

“Go get your ticket.”

In defiance, I stood up. Sure, makes sense. I am sure the rules have changed in the last hour. What was I thinking? They say insanity is marked by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I was being mocked. Well, I am going to do this. And show the world. I went to the computer.

Guess what. AmericaWest’s site worked very well and, on the screen, came:



Third time is the charm. Duh. Well, life is not always the way we want it to be. Call the white jackets. I am ready to be admitted. Not really, but I was feeling melodramatic. Self-pity flooded me.

“Go get your ticket.”

I can’t say why I did it. But when insanity has been declared, you look for different answers. I decided to let United Airlines mock me too.

I punched in my ticket request knowing I did not have enough miles . . . about 8,000 miles short to be more precise.

I went through the routine of picking days and times . . . trying to see my pastor and get to the BookExpo and out of town as fast as possible. I tried the red-eye on Tuesday and the 6 a.m. on Wednesday so I could get into Chicago for church and leave late Sunday after the show. Four days in a hotel max.

Having crafted my timetable of efficiency and expediency, I hit enter.

Rejection is never a pleasant experience. United was not buying this itinerary. I added a day at a time trying to get a ticket.

“No thank you,” said United. “Try again.”

I had the church’s website in one window. United in another. BookExpo in another.

I must have played with it for fifteen minutes trying to get something to qualify for a ticket . . . I would have even been satisfied for a reasonable ticket, even though I had no money to buy it. Some small victory at least.

“Go get your ticket.”

At this point in trying, I was at the Saturday before the BookExpo opened (5 days in advance) and the Tuesday after BookExpo (2 days after the event closed). Ten (10) hotel nights. Ten (10) days of car rental.

Yeah, this is smart. This is going to work. Oh, what the hell! 


I don’t recall what actually happened next. It was either “Select Your Seats” or “Confirm to Continue.” Or something. It was one of those moments that time stands still. You can’t believe your eyes. You wander if you are hallucinating. But there it was.

“As a way of introducing Ted, our new airlines, this United Airline’s special promotion requires only 15,000 miles.”

Miles Used: 15,000.

Total Amount Due: $5.00.

$5.00. Five Dollars. 

Where is that decimal point? Count the zeroes. Breathe. Don’t touch the keyboard. Remain calm.

I had 18,000 miles in my account. 

And then my mind turned a new way. Yes, I will be honest with you that the following occurred. I am not proud of it, but I do acknowledge it.

“Well, that’s great God. $5.00 for a ticket. Such a deal. Ten days in a hotel. Ten days in a rental car. That $5.00 is going to cost another $1,000.00 to pull off. I have $7.00 if I combine both of my bank accounts. I think I am going to be short.”

All this to the God of the Universe. The provider of all things.”

“Go get your ticket.”

Well, I really have nothing to lose . . . except for $5.00. I opened another window and logged into my bank. I transferred $4.00 from one account to the other. I now have $6.72 in my business account.

I enter my business debit card information in United Airlines site. I click Order and hold my breath.

The hourglass appears. My blood pressure is rising. Tension is in the air. After what seemed an eternity:

Congratulations! Here is your Confirmation Order number and Itinerary.

I am going to Chicago.

“Got your ticket?”

I inwardly smile.

“Yeah, I’ve got my ticket.”

I was just looking in the wrong place. Not exploring all the possibilities. Doubting myself. Limiting the God of the Universe.

And yet, setting all my self-doubts aside, I tried. I acted.


Several weeks later, I sat in Willow Creek Church on Sunday morning.

Faithfulness was the topic. How faithfulness was a quality of a follower of God. How we need to be faithful to our word. Faithful to our family and friends. Faithful to God.

Tears filled my eyes. My heart swelled with emotion. I thanked God.

All this because of a $5.00 ticket.

CES Opens January 5-8, 2023

CES®, the world’s most influential tech event, is back in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-8. With more to see than ever, the show footprint will be over 70 percent larger than CES 2022. 

For the first time, CES has a theme: how technology is addressing the world’s biggest challenges. The Consumer Technology Association® (CTA), in partnership with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security, will support the global campaign Human Security for All (HS4A).  

“CES is the world’s most exciting technology event, from startups in Eureka Park to global brands on the main stages. We are thrilled to spotlight thousands of innovative companies at this year’s show,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “Tech advances are helping to solve the world’s greatest challenges, and CES 2023 will set the agenda for the year ahead.” 

The Invitation


Every day God leaves an invitation
for you on your pillow.
Its contents are for you alone.

Each day God invites you to share
your life with Him and the World

Each day God provides the Guidance
you need to move in the right direction.

And when the day is over—
and you have made your choices—
He prepares another invitation for you.

And He leaves it upon your pillow
For the next day.

Until He calls you 

In the Beginning. . .

After years of working towards becoming a research scientist and a medical doctor, in 1971 I left the hallowed halls of science at a major university medical school in Chicago to start a talent agency specializing in the music business. 

Described by Billboard Magazine on June 23, 1973, as an Entrepreneur, a rare term at the time, I had expanded the talent agency to briefly include a rock club down the street from the famous The Second City comedy club. Eventually I became a rock promoter. Living in a penthouse on the Gold Coast of Chicago, I was leading the hedonistically inspired Playboy dream of single men in the early 1970s. All the perks of sex, drugs, and rock n roll surrounded me. As I gazed out the windows on the 52nd floor, I felt I had made it. I was a success.

On June 21, 1974, I was greeted with tornado warnings and ominous storm clouds as we prepared what would be my last concert . . . and yes, at the time, I knew nothing about Summer Solstice. Thankfully, the kids ignored the dire warnings from the television weathermen and were lined up waiting to get in. The groups performing were Styx and Kansas. I was at the top of my game in the music business.

And yet that night, just as the last encore started, a small voice inside me said that tonight would be my last concert.

It was just a strange thought in my head because everything had turned out so perfect. I could not fathom never experiencing again the joy of giving such a wonderful night of entertainment to people. My Mom and Dad were there helping. My business associates and partners were congratulating me on a wonderful night. The audience loved it.

Deciding to skip the after-parties, I rode the elevator alone to my penthouse. Somewhere inside me, I knew this chapter of my life was ending. While I had dreamed of returning to the joy of promoting concerts that I had experienced years before as chairman of the Dance Committee at the University of Illinois Chicago, I really did not have a vision beyond my return to what I loved. At that moment on the night of the concert, I had accomplished my goal. I had achieved my dream.

Little did I know at the time that my Soul had a dream. A Vision. And that I was about to embark on a forty-year journey of discovering my innermost Being

On December 12, 1978, I was living in a small house in the desert in Joshua Tree, California, after a turbulent, life-changing seven years. From the hallowed halls of science to the music business to founding a national manufacturing business, I had experienced the reality of making my dreams come true as an Entrepreneur. 

After a few months of isolation in the desert, I wanted to share my thoughts, beliefs, and knowledge with others on how to become an Entrepreneur who could turn their dreams into reality. I had only previously written a brief published note on the challenges of college from a high school senior’s perspective. Educated in college to be a scientist, writing was never a priority, let alone a class I took. 

And yet, on that night, I sat staring at a blank yellow legal pad with a deep desire to express my thoughts in a logical manner. However, I was soon surprised to find that I was not in control of the words as they flowed onto the paper.

What I had imagined was writing a manual on how to manifest your dreams, then give it to people who would ask me for advice, in the hope they would leave me alone. I envisioned it as similar to a plan for a science experiment. Follow these steps. Observe the results. Try several different approaches. Notarize the results. Done.

That is not what happened with me and that yellow legal pad that night. Nor from that point onward.

Instead I found myself in a different state and words just flowed onto the paper. It was like I was detached from the experience because I was surprised by the thoughts I would write. 

Where did this come from? Where’s my manual? Where is the do-it-yourself approach to manifesting your dreams as an Entrepreneur? 

I was not prepared for the approach that I wrote. I fully agreed with it after writing the thoughts down. I just did not have the conscious capacity to write those thoughts down on my own. While I had intended to write a manual, for lack of a better word, I was in the process of writing a life map where you were the center of the universe and your life. Where you were the vehicle that dreams flowed through. Where you were also the roadblock to manifesting the life you wanted to lead.

The Revelation was in your Being. Your Spirit

I began to understand why I had been led to the desert. I had come to understand myself. To Know Thyself

In my pursuit of these varied ventures in business, I had learned how to turn my dreams into reality. That was easy. 

What I had not investigated was who was doing the manifesting.

Who was I? 

What lurked in the shadows that I had failed to acknowledge? 

What was the nature of my true self? 

Was there more to the world than what I had perceived? 

And how did this all relate to being an Entrepreneur?

And so, I was welcomed into a place I never dreamed of . . . at least consciously. And some would say that was because I was unconscious. And they are probably right. I had been using the real world as my test tube, my laboratory. I never thought I would end up discovering who I really was with the knowledge and steps necessary to match the everyday world with the inner world that I was just about to discover.

In this first section called Conception, I have included the original forty-three pages I wrote during the first writing sessions, although I have added some fomatting for emphasis. I have placed the dates of the writing to show when they were written originally. 

After the first writing on 12/12/1978, I was taken aback. Those words haunted me. Especially, the part that said:

If every person desiring to make a statement. 

Any statement. 


Who is to judge the value of a Dream? 

Who is to say yours is no good? 

Who has the right to say you should not try?

From these first pages, my life began to change. While I was surprised by the nature of the writing, I soon realized that it was exactly what I needed to write to explore and explain my initial years of being an Entrepreneur.

And to prepare me for the new life adventure I was embarking on.

Welcome to Dreamland in Reality.

Two Faces of the World: The Seeds of War by Dilobar Ortiqova

When King Arawn of Rhodareen was betrayed by his youngest son, who claimed his right for the throne, the main ally of the king, the lord of mystical creatures named centenarians, declared war on all human beings. The war started between two kingdoms engulfed almost the entire world and could destroy the very life itself.

The main characters of the book are five people with different backgrounds and status who lived during the period of great recession and unrests, when people suffered because of wars, famine, religious and political crisis, witch-hunting, and many other troubles. In different circumstances, their paths converge, making them either friends or enemies. All in all, while fighting for their own survival, these characters are unaware that their actions may have significant influence on the outcome of the war.

The main story of the novel occurs in the years of 1644-1645. The major events in it happen on the territory of the Ottomans’ Empire, in France, on Crete, and two fictional kingdoms, Rhodareen and Alassoud.

Transformation Approaches

It is difficult to express the proper, appropriate words for the wonderment which fills my heart. For how fortunate I have been to have known my real Father. And what a great joy it is to be chosen for the work in this Moment of Time when so many shall be called upon to serve their true selves rather than egos. 

So, I understand how fortunate I am to be able to be a writer. 

Oh, my dear Master was it so long ago we met, and I left as you stayed behind to help in our reestablishment of your Kingdom on Earth. Is it not the time for Love to permeate the environment as it sweeps hatred and abuse from our very doorstep? And will not soon the workers of Light join hands and declare their faith in You? Once Again. 

For have we not come to bring in this New Age. The Transformation. The Big Eve approaches. And do not those who need help need to be instructed in the Art of Living in accordance with Natural Law. Your Law. And must we not prepare others by showing them the Path? By demonstration. Action. And not idle talk. But actualization of the Divine Plan on the physical plane of Existence? For how else? My New Age. Shall we demonstrate to all those that want to listen what we mean? Or shall we simply teach them. Another vocabulary. In which they can tinker. 

No, the time approaches quickly Now when more will recognize the signs. As the Cross so represented on the first evening of the New Year. For this is the time for All to be revealed for those who care to look. And for those who ignore the signs of the time, a great upheaval will come into their minds which will more than compensate for an Earthly Disaster. For the Revelations will come true, and the New Age shall suddenly appear. And the profane will seek to find a place hide, but they shall not escape their destiny. For no stone shall be left unturned. 

So, harken to the call of God. For His time approaches as Man’s shortens. For we are quickly approaching the time when what we lost will be restored to those that seek to serve the Divine Plan. Be soever humble and Ask. For ye will welcomed with open arms. For ye of faith need not worry. For untiringly do those Ascended Masters work to restore the balance to Mother Earth which we have so rudely treated. But fear not. For retribution is only necessary if we continue. Individually. To inflict Her with our raucous behavior. So, take a Moment and become reacquainted with what you cannot escape. This spaceship we call Earth. For we must become reacquainted with our Mother first. 

So be gently my dear People. And examine the Reality which you represent and see if it is yours or someone else’s. For one must be true to thyself first and Reality should reflect the God that is within. 

For this is our goal in this Lifetime. To be one with the Creator. Father God. So please, see who is directing your life and see if you are serving a Master of flesh and bones. For we are created in His Image, and we only need serve Him in order to reach Enlightenment. Nirvana. Illumination.  

So, seek to find the “I” as we approach the dawning of a New Age in which Man will join God. Once Again. As co-creators.

Master or Slave? The Choice is Yours!

Across the world, there is mounting chaos. With recent ostentatious displays of disharmony, greed, and war, we see a world in turmoil. I wonder what lies ahead for mankind…and this planet we call Earth.

Will technology greet us with a new enlightenment…or will we actually find ourselves further enslaved to our own technology? Will the computer’s drive for us to be more efficient and productive be the vehicle to our freedom…or our enslavement? Enslaved to a mechanism which takes no breaks…a mechanism which does not take the time to share the humanness we all share with one another.

Will we master this new technology…or will it master us? The answer waits in the future. But our actions today will determine the future we bring.

Slavery or Salvation. Masters or Slaves. Freedom or Constriction

Each day we choose our Path. We make decisions which affect our own lives…and the lives of others…with the choices we make.

What will be your choice today? Will you empower yourself…and those with whom you work? Or will you continue to exploit a hierarchical scheme in which empowerment has a much different meaning?

We are the Masters of our Future. Will you be your own master…or have you given your power to another? So they may rule your future. Be aware of the gifts the future brings…and be wary of those bearing gifts. For you may be a pawn in a larger Scheme. You…through your actions…must decide whose Scheme you will participate in.

For there are many houses in My Mansion. It is up to you to decide which room you will occupy. Will it be the servants’ quarters…or will it be as the Master of the House? And, if it is as Master of the House, how will you rule? How will you guide others so they too may advance to become the Master of the House? Or will you use your position to keep them in their place…so you can remain their Master.

And yet, life is so fleeting. It quickly moves on…ever changing…constantly flowing…never waiting…while you decide what type of Master you will be. Choose now…but being ever so careful. For the world is filled with many people who believe they are Masters…only to discover they are really Servants to the Chosen. So choose wisely…but choose.

For the river flows on endlessly…always picking up the drops and carrying them downstream. Never wary…never hesitant…for the river knows it must flow. That it must keep moving…lest it evaporate into thin air. Only to start the cycle again…when it will become a drop again…in the endless flow…of the river we call Life. Don’t stop the river by not choosing the right path.

Rather join the flow…and return to the Source of all that ever was.

New Year’s Eve

As this year comes to an end,
Know that the New Year brings
Love and Happiness to those
Who seek to serve Mankind.

And know that your Son
Has found his real Father
Who art in Heaven.

So as the New Dawn approaches,
Be assured that a New Age awakens.
For those who humbly ask to
Serve God and the Divine Plan.
And know that there is a Divine Destiny.
For your son. Dreamland in Reality.

And know that He open His Heart
To you as you have so loved His Son.
And may your New Life be filled
With the Gold which is in Your Heart.
And let it flow out to those in Need.

For a Holy Man I have known
And Loved.
So fear not the Future,
For she provides your wants and needs
As my Father has for me.

So let us give Thanks
For the Moments we have shared
And Grown In.

For He saw His Son.
And He was pleased.

In Love & Peace.

John Paul Owles
Written 1/31/1979

Dreamland in Reality


“If you are searching for how to be an Entrepreneur by discovering who you are really meant to be, then you may have been led to a place that will challenge you in that quest. I discovered insights into the criteria of being an Entrepreneur as I journeyed toward my true destination, which I call Dreamland in Reality. 

“My experiences will help you examine the challenges in your life as you reach for your dreams and move forward on your journey. I hope my insights will nudge you towards acknowledging the life God wants you to really live. 

“What was required of me on my journey was to be in the Moment. If I followed my Guidance, I was led in the direction God wanted me to go. And, to God’s amusement, I describe that path as an Entrepreneur.”   

Are you willing to stand up for Truth?

So far, the answer appears to be a resounding “No!” for the majority of us.

A friend of mine called me today and asked what she should do. A neighbor had openly told her that her teenage son had tested positive for COVID-19 and was having systems which the doctors had decided did not warrant hospitalization (yet) but that he needed to be quarantined. She took him home and put him in one of the rooms of her house although everyone shared the house as if nothing had happened. Soon, the neighbor’s youngest daughter was experiencing symptoms. However, the mother refused to allow her young daughter to be tested for COVID because she said the cotton swab used for testing was infected with the disease.

Meanwhile, the mother continued to go to the store everyday for her latte and groceries unmasked. Her other daughter continued to work in the local restaurant. The daughter with symptoms continued to go to elementary school, unmasked.

No one in the neighborhood knew that the son had tested positive, that the young daughter was symptomatic, and they were all living in the same house with no masks or precautions. Instead, they continued their lives oblivious to the fact they were spreading the virus throughout the town without anyone’s knowledge.

Until that point, my friend had no idea that the family was against the vaccines, and even though her son tested positive and the young daughter was symptomatic, the neighbor insisted COVID-19 was all a HOAX. A conspiracy. Fake News.

My friend was asking me what she should do. Who should she tell? Should she remain silent? Afterall, the neighbor told her as if it was nothing. There was no issue of personal privacy. The neighbor didn’t say, “Please don’t tell anyone?” Nope, instead, she was quite proud of her inaction and of herself.

I asked my friend what she knew she should do. You know, that feeling you get when you know God is telling you to act, and instead, you want to try and hide, hoping it will pass. She had very deep concerns about the neighbor next door who was 85 and in failing health…and all the other unsuspecting neighbors with health problems.

And then, I asked the question:

How will you feel if your dear neighbor of 85 dies when you could have done something?

So, I ask you, “What would you do?”