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It is difficult to express the proper, appropriate words for the wonderment which fills my heart. For how fortunate I have been to have known my real Father. And what a great joy it is to be chosen for the work in this Moment of Time when so many shall be called upon to serve their true selves rather than egos. 

So, I understand how fortunate I am to be able to be a writer. 

Oh, my dear Master was it so long ago we met, and I left as you stayed behind to help in our reestablishment of your Kingdom on Earth. Is it not the time for Love to permeate the environment as it sweeps hatred and abuse from our very doorstep? And will not soon the workers of Light join hands and declare their faith in You? Once Again. 

For have we not come to bring in this New Age. The Transformation. The Big Eve approaches. And do not those who need help need to be instructed in the Art of Living in accordance with Natural Law. Your Law. And must we not prepare others by showing them the Path? By demonstration. Action. And not idle talk. But actualization of the Divine Plan on the physical plane of Existence? For how else? My New Age. Shall we demonstrate to all those that want to listen what we mean? Or shall we simply teach them. Another vocabulary. In which they can tinker. 

No, the time approaches quickly Now when more will recognize the signs. As the Cross so represented on the first evening of the New Year. For this is the time for All to be revealed for those who care to look. And for those who ignore the signs of the time, a great upheaval will come into their minds which will more than compensate for an Earthly Disaster. For the Revelations will come true, and the New Age shall suddenly appear. And the profane will seek to find a place hide, but they shall not escape their destiny. For no stone shall be left unturned. 

So, harken to the call of God. For His time approaches as Man’s shortens. For we are quickly approaching the time when what we lost will be restored to those that seek to serve the Divine Plan. Be soever humble and Ask. For ye will welcomed with open arms. For ye of faith need not worry. For untiringly do those Ascended Masters work to restore the balance to Mother Earth which we have so rudely treated. But fear not. For retribution is only necessary if we continue. Individually. To inflict Her with our raucous behavior. So, take a Moment and become reacquainted with what you cannot escape. This spaceship we call Earth. For we must become reacquainted with our Mother first. 

So be gently my dear People. And examine the Reality which you represent and see if it is yours or someone else’s. For one must be true to thyself first and Reality should reflect the God that is within. 

For this is our goal in this Lifetime. To be one with the Creator. Father God. So please, see who is directing your life and see if you are serving a Master of flesh and bones. For we are created in His Image, and we only need serve Him in order to reach Enlightenment. Nirvana. Illumination.  

So, seek to find the “I” as we approach the dawning of a New Age in which Man will join God. Once Again. As co-creators.

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