The “Young” Entrepreneur


I was first described as a “young entrepreneur” by the music-industry bible Billboard Magazine in 1973. I asked someone to pronounce it for me. I went to the dictionary to find out what it meant. I thought the second definition fit me perfectly.

“One who undertakes to carry out any enterprise.”

For the past forty plus years, I have been an Entrepreneur. I admit it. I’m not ashamed of it. But I have to warn you that my journey brought me to a different interpretation, viewpoint, than most people have of being an entrepreneur.
In fact, while I started many businesses, I discovered what I was really doing was learning about myself. How I operated. What I was willing to do—and more importantly, what I was not willing to do. I became aware that my state of being was significant to my success. I found that while I could materialize businesses, it was not satisfying the yearning deep down inside of me.
What I learned was that anyone can focus their attention and will to the point of manifesting their vision and dream. Every self-help guru will tell you that. We are truly capable of doing that—performing that, if you will. I did that several times in my short lifetime.
Yes, I could be a research scientist at a major university. Yes, I could start a music talent agency and become a club owner, rock concert promoter. Yes, I could be a manufacturer of tote bags and an import/exporter. Yes, I could have sales offices across the country in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles. Yes, I could do all those things—and did.
While some of my creations brought money, power, and prestige, that was not satisfying enough for me. There was a missing element in the equation.
I remember looking out the window of my penthouse on the fifty-second floor in the Gold Coast of Chicago. It was June 21, 1974. After promoting and hosting a very successful, sold-out rock concert, I was at the top of my music career—and then it hit me.
It was not a voice per se but rather a knowing. A nudge.
The Message:
“We won’t be doing any more concerts.”
“Excuse me. Look at all I have. Didn’t you see how people loved the music?”
“There is something waiting for you.”
“Really? What? I’ve made it!”
“You will see.”
The Message was I was done—or so I thought. And the first step of my new journey had been taken.
Four months later, I was driving west to California on a journey that would change my life forever . . . just as it had when I had made that trip seven years earlier.

Secrets of an Entrepreneur

Dreamland in Reality

Have you ever imagined being the hero of the day? Imagined yourself being one day rich and famous? We all have. Whether it is the flash of us crossing the finishing line first. Or being a movie star with fame and fortune. Or a famous businessperson featured in national magazines. We all have imagined how our lives might be one day when our dreams turn into reality. It is these moments of inspiration that drive Entrepreneurs to their goal. 

If you want to become an Entrepreneur, your vision, your dream, will reveal the type of person you desire to be—and the life you want to lead. There are unlimited possibilities in this world we have been richly provided. To realize your dream, you must nurture your Spirit to become that person. You need to merge the person you are today with the one in your vision…in order to turn your dreams into reality. 

Dreams oftentimes reveal a fresh, new exciting person who wants to emerge from within you. 

Your vision will, more often than not, require you to change in order to become this new person. You will need to transform yourself so that this new person can emerge. 

Why do I say that? 

Because your dream will often highlight a part of you, in which you are not satisfied. Maybe you do not see yourself currently achieving the goals you want in your life because you lack perseverance. Perhaps, you lack commitment. Maybe you have a problem losing or maintaining your focus on your dream. Maybe, you become distracted too easily…choosing a momentary indulgence rather than your long-term goal. The reasons will vary, but we all have areas we need to work on. 

But how will I ever become the person I want to be? 

Whatever the roadblocks your dream may expose, there are always answers to reaching your dream. Those answers are within you.