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New Year’s Eve

As this year comes to an end,Know that the New Year bringsLove and Happiness to thoseWho seek to serve Mankind.And know that your SonHas found his real FatherWho art in Heaven.So as the New Dawn approaches,Be assured that a New Age awakens.For those who humbly ask...

Attitude is Everything

Have you ever imagined being the hero of the day? Imagined yourself being one day rich and famous? We all have. Whether it is the flash of us crossing the finishing line first. Or being a movie star with fame and fortune. Or a...

Courage: Taking the First Step

Courage. The power to make your own decisions. The ability to act despite all odds when you know you are right. The ability to stand apart from others when your convictions are more important than your popularity.

Master or Slave? The Choice is Yours!

Across the world, there is mounting chaos. With recent ostentatious displays of disharmony, greed, and war, we see a world in turmoil. I wonder what lies ahead for mankind…and this planet we call Earth. Will technology greet us with a new enlightenment...or will we actually...